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18 05, 2017

What Really Happens When You Get Sued for Copyright Law Infringement?

May 18th, 2017|

When House Speaker Paul Ryan used a clip from a Boston College student’s footage of a recent graduation in a video he made about simplifying the tax code, he had no idea he would become the poster child for copyright infringers who think they can get away with using content without permission.   In the past, you'd automatically picture a student pulling a sentence or two from Encyclopedia Brittanica when plagiarism came to mind,  since using

28 07, 2016 How to Evict a Roommate

July 28th, 2016|

"Here are some things Pellegrini suggests putting on a sublease: a security deposit, whether pets are allowed, how many guests the roommate can have and for how long, what alterations they can make to the space, a late fee for rent, who pays utilities, and how many keys will be made."

11 07, 2016

2016 First Justices’ Award Recipient for Pro Bono Publico Excellence

July 11th, 2016|

Announcing our proud receipt, once again, of the First Justices' Award for Pro Bono Publico Excellence, awarded by the Probate and Family Court. This award is given for our commitment to pro bono legal assistance in pursuit of providing equal access to justice for indigent and socially disadvantaged individuals across Southeastern Massachusetts.

1 07, 2016

Is A Text Message To A Realtor Binding? Court Says Yes

July 1st, 2016|

A recent decision by the Massachusetts Land Court held that text messages between real estate agents can satisfy the requirements of the statute of frauds and bind parties to a real estate transaction. In Massachusetts, the statute of frauds requires transactions for the sale of real property to be in writing and signed. In its decision, the court noted that the use of email and text has “advanced immensely and become commonplace” in the last

6 06, 2016

ALS One Campaign

June 6th, 2016|

Kevin Gosnell, the owner of T&K Asphalt Services, was diagnosed in May 2015 with ALS. Kevin decided to dedicate the time he has left into creating an organization to unite efforts around ALS. We wanted to share with you that Eastern Bank is trying to help raise $1,000 from a 1,000 business customers in the month of June. We have become a proud donor and hope you will consider helping to rally around a member

19 04, 2016

Part II: What is a Digital Asset and Why It Is So Important to Your Estate Plan (Apple and the F.B.I.)

April 19th, 2016|

The recent Apple case is an excellent example of a digital asset controversy, and one that will hopefully help bring awareness to this critical aspect of estate planning. When I submitted Part I of this Blog, the Department of Justice had not yet “cracked” the iPhone’s code.  Even though this particular issue is now moot, the Apple case remains as an excellent illustration of the growing importance of digital assets and how difficult… or impossible…

4 04, 2016

Massachusetts Homestead Protection and Adjacent Parcels

April 4th, 2016|

A recent decision by the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the 1st Circuit held that, in certain circumstances, homestead protection applies to adjoining parcels with a common owner.  In its decision the court confirmed that when a homeowner uses the surrounding land in connection with the principal residence, the owner is entitled to homestead protection on those parcels. Judge Bruce A. Harwood stated “[w]hen a debtor actually occupies property and uses the surrounding land in connection

7 03, 2016

Homestead Protection for Mixed Use Buildings

March 7th, 2016|

A recent U.S. District Court decision upheld the principal that the Massachusetts Homestead Act permits property owners to declare a homestead on a mixed-use structure that is used predominantly for residential purposes. The Massachusetts Homestead Act allows a property owner to declare a homestead on a building to protect the property from creditors. Under the Homestead Act, a “home” is defined as a single-family or multi-family dwelling, a manufactured house, or a unit in a