18 08, 2017

Can A Will Help Your Family Avoid Probate?

August 18th, 2017|

Q: If I have a will, is my estate and family safe from delays and expenses from Probate Court?” A: This is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of estate planning, and unfortunately, just having a will is not sufficient to avoid probate. WHAT IS A WILL? Simply put, a will is a document that details your final wishes for your personal and/or real property. Typically, beyond stating who you want to receive your

14 08, 2017

Today’s Suburban Destination: Are You Feeling It?

August 14th, 2017|

If you look at zoning-related news in Massachusetts towns, you might spot this sentence — "angry (group) gathered at Town Hall to voice their concerns over..." somewhere in the lead paragraph. As a real estate attorney who has permitted hundreds of residential and commercial buildings in dozens of municipalities across Massachusetts over twenty years, I've been part of many discussions on both sides about preserving the "small town feel" of a suburban area.  It begs the

9 08, 2017

Getting Paid on Public Construction Projects

August 9th, 2017|

The Moment of Realization: When The Government Delays Payment You finally won that big public contract after months (or years) of committing your company to the lengthy government proposal process. After scrutinizing over evaluation factors, you nailed the technical approach, management plan and safety and health plan and even came in under budget.  You planned for issues that often arise once you’ve been awarded the work (such as subcontractor issues or customer “scope creep”), but

3 08, 2017

Are you fluent in Emoji?

August 3rd, 2017|

Some may argue that emojis, the popular small images used to communicate digitally are “the universal language”.  However, as many of us I'm sure have experienced, emojis often have different interpretations. WHAT IS AN EMOJI? An emoji is defined by Mirriam-Webster dictionary as “any of various small images, symbols, or icons used in text fields in electronic communication (as in text messages, e-mail, and social media) to express the emotional attitude of the writer, convey

26 07, 2017

Is Estate Planning Right For You?

July 26th, 2017|

Planning for your future and what will happen to your estate upon passing is a topic that every person should discuss. Everyone's goal should be to minimize delay and expense when dealing with not only their financial accounts, but their entire estate plan. If your estate plan is done correctly, there should be minimal- to-no cost upon your passing and the transfer immediate. My opinion is that probate should be avoided whenever possible, due to

14 07, 2017

LAW REGARDING DRONES IS TAKING OFF (But maybe not as quickly as the drones)

July 14th, 2017|

A device that can take aerial photos or video and deliver goods to your door seems pretty cool, right?  But buyers beware…that device could land you in hot water. Recent incidents involving drones raise questions and concerns over the regulation of drones in the United States.  In an incident on July 4th in New York City, a drone crashed into a store front causing damage.  When it comes to drones, questions arise over what liability

14 07, 2017

Marijuana (de)Regulation and Its Impact on the Housing Market in Massachusetts

July 14th, 2017|

When Question 4 was passed by Massachusetts voters last November, proponents of the law celebrated the victory.  The bill became law in December 2016, and legalized the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana in public and less than ten ounces inside homes by anyone age 21 or older.[1]  Naturally, since it is legal to have more marijuana inside the home, more and more people are growing marijuana in their homes, or choosing to

15 06, 2017

Buying a Massachusetts Foreclosure: More Risky Than Ever?

June 15th, 2017|

Buying A Foreclosure In Massachusetts: More Risky Than Ever? "It's an investor's worst nightmare. You've gone through months of research, paid legal fees and jumped through never-ending hoops when you're relieved to finally close; then you get the bad news - the homeowner  is suing the bank to keep the property.  It might be months or years before you can buy that fixer-upper that you once thought was a great deal.  If only you knew

18 05, 2017

What Really Happens When You Get Sued for Copyright Law Infringement?

May 18th, 2017|

When House Speaker Paul Ryan used a clip from a Boston College student’s footage of a recent graduation in a video he made about simplifying the tax code, he had no idea he would become the poster child for copyright infringers who think they can get away with using content without permission.   In the past, you'd automatically picture a student pulling a sentence or two from Encyclopedia Brittanica when plagiarism came to mind,  since using