The Massachusetts permitting process can be extremely challenging.  Applying for a permit can be a lengthy process filled with unforeseen circumstances such as delays, rejections and appeals.

We possess intricate historical knowledge of the local rules and regulations and the local authorities.

If you're planning to:

Construct / Alter / Repair / Demolish ...

You’ll need to prominently post a building permit on site.

Without an experienced attorney, the permitting process can be lengthy and costly. Our understanding of zoning and permitting extends throughout a vast territory of over 100 communities in New England.


Developers, business owners and residents can face the following risks:

  • failing to preliminarily meet with the proper decision makers before finalizing your site plan
  • providing incomplete documentation that can cause delays or rejection
  • neglecting to obtain all necessary approvals, exposing your project to appeals
  • causing delays and prolonging the public hearing process
  • failing to avoid costly obstacles that could have been identified and resolved during the planning process

We assemble a wide array of permitting teams throughout the East Coast with varying specialties. Our team:

  • gives you a full outline of zoning issues and potential challenges
  • guides you through the entire permitting process
  • provides public hearing representation
  • ensures consistent interaction with the constabulary
  • identifies local support on complex projects to improve chances for your success

Let our knowledge help you through the permitting process with minimal surprises and faster, smoother project completion.

We can review, prepare and challenge Bylaws and Ordinances fast and efficiently.