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    "From a DIY cement wall collapsing on a neighbor's driveway to repairing an above ground pool that collapses and floods a neighbor's basement, I've seen it all," says Robert R. Pellegrini, Jr. Esq, president of PK Boston, a real estate law firm.

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    The Purchase and Sale agreement should address the possibility that your appraisal comes in below the purchase price, and allow you to terminate the contract or renegotiate the price, says Robert Pellegrini, a real estate attorney based in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. "If not, you could be obligated to cover the difference for a lowball appraisal, and that could mean you’re on the hook for thousands," Pellegrini says.

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    "You cannot own parking spaces adjacent to your home that are located on a public street," explains Robert Pellegrini, an attorney and president of Pellegrini Keogh Law in Boston. "Sometimes, when talking about a condominium, a parking space may be included with the deed, but those spaces must be located on the condo's property, not on the public street."

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    Robert Pellegrini, a land-use lawyer based in Bridgewater, said he would be surprised if the courthouse neighbors emerge victorious. Such a decision, he said, would make it harder for cities and towns to clean up blighted government properties.

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    To get the lowdown on what's legal, we talked to Robert Pellegrini, president of PK Boston, a real estate and collections law firm with offices in Boston. Here's what renters can do when a roommate relationship heads south.